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Waivers and Guidelines

What is a waiver?

Similar to scholarships, waivers are used to offset college expenses, and don’t need to be paid back. A waiver is a dollar value applied to tuition, fees, or resident hall costs based on the type of waiver the student has been granted. Waivers are not refundable and will reflect no more than the actual charge the waiver is specified for. Waivers may not carry forward to future semesters, students must be eligible for the waiver based on the waiver qualifications.

Keep in mind that waivers are considered part of your financial aid package, which means that they may replace some or all of your financial aid eligibility. For example, if you’re offered $1,000 in government loans after filing your FAFSA, and are later awarded a waiver covering $600 of your tuition, your loan offer may be reduced to $400. In general, the combination of all awards cannot exceed your financial aid need.


Athletic International Student Waiver

Athletic International Student Waiver

Automation Management Tuition Waiver

Automation Management Waiver Application

Cultural Diversity Waiver

Cultural Diversity Waiver

Employee Waiver - Staff & Adjunct

Tuition Waiver Assistance Application Form  
Tuition Waiver/Full-Time Employees Policy
Adjunct Faculty Tuition Waiver Application       

Tuition Waiver for Adjunct Faculty Policy

Employee Spouse/Dependent Tuition Waiver

Tuition Waiver for Spouse/Dependent Form

Tuition Waiver for Spouse/Dependent Policy

Engineering Program Tuition Waiver

Engineering Waiver Application

GED Achievement Waiver

GED Waiver Application

Industrial Automation Program Tuition Waiver

Industrial Automation Waiver Application

North Dakota Law Enforcement Officer Waiver  


Performing Arts Tuition Waiver

Performing Arts Tuition Waiver

Senior Citizen Waiver


Survivors of Firefighters, EMS Personnel, or Peace Officers Waiver

Tuition Waiver
Waiver Guidelines

Veteran's Dependent Waiver

Tuition Waiver

Guidelines/Use Form