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Job Seekers Network

To better serve BSC student employment needs, the online career service system, Job Seekers Network, is available for students and alumni seeking employment with local, regional and national companies. Students may also consult with this office for assistance in finding  internships, part time, summer or permanent employment. Students are strongly encouraged to begin searching for employment at least one semester prior to completing their program.
BSC strives to verify that all employers and employment opportunities posted to our Job Seekers Network are legitimate. Unfortunately, fraudulent job postings can occur on any job posting site. Students are encouraged to use caution when responding to job postings and stay aware of potential job scams. If you suspect a job sounds too good to be true, it probably is.
Students are encouraged to contact Career Services in the Mystic Advising and Counseling Center if you do receive correspondence from anyone that you feel is suspicious. We can help to verify whether or not the employment opportunity is legitimate or take action if it is not. Students can call 701-224-5752, email, or stop by our office in the lower level of the Student Union.
Tips for Students when Job Seeking:
  • Be cautious and NEVER send anyone money or other items of monetary value such as gift cards. Even if they have sent you a check which you deposited, it could be fake.
  • Be cautious of any employer offering employment without an interview.
  • Be cautious of any employer who charges a fee or asks for money in advance to employee you.
  • Be cautious of any employer who requests you transfer funds or make purchases on their behalf, especially if they claim to be in another country.
  • Avoid offers where the position or salary are not clearly described.
  • Be aware of vague job titles such as personal assistant, errand runner, or clerical work from home.
  • Be cautious of employers who offer an interview location in a non-business setting, such as a home, residence, or hotel room.
  • Do not provide your social security number or any other sensitive information to an employer unless you are confident that the employer is legitimate.                                                     

Employment Activities
Referral activities assist students, faculty and employers in developing a relationship for possible student employment. These activities may include on-campus interviews/informational sessions, workshops on resume/cover letter writing, interviewing techniques or electronic job search skills. Placement statistics are also available related to past graduates of BSC programs. is a career web site offering entry level job searches for college students and recent grads. It also provides information on resumes, cover letters, interview preparation, exploration of careers and employer searches.

Searching for job opportunities outside of North Dakota?  USNPL is a website that links you to a variety of newspapers in the United States.  Click the link to get started; choose your state and then city.
Sites for Seeking Jobs:
For assistance in these areas, make an appointment at 701-224-5752.

Office Hours:
Mondays-Fridays: 8 a.m.-4 p.m.

Walk-in appointments available based on counselor/advisor availability. The Mystic Advising and Counseling Center (MACC) is located in the lower level of the BSC Student Union.