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Student Policies

The purpose of BSC's Student Code of Conduct is to support a safe, healthy and inclusive campus community that is conducive to learning where students act with honesty, integrity, civility, and respect for themselves and others. When students choose to attend BSC, they accept the rights and responsibilities of membership in the College’s academic and social community and are expected to accept and adhere to the high standards of personal conduct. Any behavior that interferes with these goals, whether on or off-campus, may constitute a violation of BSC's Student Code of Conduct.

Academic Affairs

Academic Honor Code
Academic Standing
Academic Suspension Appeal
Academic Suspension Readmission
Admission of Incarcerated Persons Standardized Test Scores
CLEP - College Level Examination Program
Communication Proficiency
Course Substitution
DSST - DANTES Subject Standardized Tests
Phi Theta Kappa - International Honor Society
Portfolio Development
Posthumous Degree
President's Honor Roll
Student Eligibility for Intercollegiate Athletics
Student Publications

Campus Life

Access to and Security of Campus Facilities
Animals On Campus - Service/Emotional Support/Pets
Establishment and Operation of Student Organizations, Societies, and Clubs
Significant Infectious Diseases
Solicitations and Posting Materials
Speech, Expression and Assembly
Tobacco Free Campus


Use of Computer & Network Facilities


406.2 Faculty/Student - Class Attendance
412.0 Transfer Credit (Effective Fall 2023)
412.2 Transfer Credit Appeal
510.2 Students Called to Military Service
Academic Forgiveness
Challenge Examinations
CLEP - College Level Examination Program
College Credit for Advanced Placement
Course, Drop, Withdraw to Zero Credits
Course Drop, Withdraw to Zero Credits Appeals
Credit for Military Training Programs
Credit through StraighterLine
DSST - DANTES Subject Standardized Tests
Final Grade Change
Honor Points and GPA
Incomplete Course
Industry Training Credit
Portfolio Development
President's Honor Roll
Repeating a Course
Student Credit Load and Overload
Transfer Credit (Inactive Following Summer 2023)


Application Fee Waiver - Active Duty Military
Bookstore Refund
Delinquent Accounts and Defaulted Perkins Loans
Outstanding Payments Due
Standards of Satisfactory Academic Progress for Financial Aid Eligibility (SAP)
Tuition and Fee Waivers

Safety and Security

Access to and Security of Campus Facilities
Accurate and Timely Reporting of Crimes
Emergency Notification
Firearms and Weapons
Missing Student
Timely Warnings
Weapons on Campus

Student Relations

Alcohol and Illegal Drugs
Class Attendance
Criminal History Background Checks
Harassment Complaint Procedure
Nursing Mothers

Posthumous Degree
Privacy and Regulation of Student Records
Sexual Harassment and Title IX Compliance
Sexual Misconduct
Student Grievance & Appeal
Travel of Student Groups Off-Campus