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BSC offers multiple entry and exit points that are flexible, affordable and transferable. Choose from over 40 programs leading to a degree, diploma or certificate that focus on hands-on learning for higher wage earning.  

7:2:1 Model

Providing pathways to meet the economy’s workforce needs.

The traditional expectation for an education path after graduating high school involved going to a university and earning a bachelor’s degree. However, that may not be the right path for everyone, nor the best way to create a thriving economy based on today’s high-demand positions.
The 7:2:1 model represents the current workforce landscape:

  • 7 technical-degree jobs
  • 2 bachelor’s-degree jobs
  • 1 professional job requiring a master’s or doctorate degree
BSC helps provide or prepare workers for each of these areas. Students can earn technical or bachelor’s degrees or begin their path toward a master’s degree. BSC offers flexible and affordable educational options whether a student is straight out of high school or decides to change careers.
Those who work in skilled technician positions, represented by the seven, have the highest growth potential over a lifetime. These roles require a certificate, credential or associate’s degree. BSC provides many degrees in this category for careers in well-paying, high-demand industries.
To make sure students stay relevant in this new economy, BSC equips them with:

  • Applied technical skills
  • Industry-recognized certificates
  • A  well-rounded and rigorous general education
For increased marketability to employers, BSC gives students a solid foundation of science, technology, engineering, art and mathematics (STEAM) skills. The result is exceptional career preparation, job placement and higher wage earning. The numbers speak for themselves with 98 percent of BSC graduates finding work in their field.
BSC’s polytechnic focus encourages hands-on learning, means less debt and allows students to custom build their education for their dream career. Education at BSC is all about connecting talents to opportunity over a lifetime. It’s hands-on learning for higher wage earning.

Close Relationships with Employers

Programs offered by polytechnic institutions are developed in partnership with employers, alumni, and other working professionals. BSC has dozens of business leaders sitting on our Program Advisory Committees. These groups provide strategic advice, and feedback to our faculty and leadership team on industry trends directly impacting the curriculum for programs and courses. It's part of the reason why polytechnic students have such a high employment rate—they have access to the current knowledge industry leaders and employers look for when hiring.