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Grow Your Own

How are you connecting talent to opportunity?

Our objective is to help your business or industry:

  • Recruit and retain skilled employees who are interested in long-term careers.
  • Replace the loss of institutional knowledge due to retirement.
At BSC, strong partnerships with business and industry are a key component to addressing these concerns. Our industry-responsive education model is designed to advance students along their career pathway while helping your company invest in its workforce. We do this by being: 
  • Engage all populations from every generation
  • Offer a variety of online/on-campus courses and program start dates
  • Provide short-term stackable credentials customized to fit individual career pathways
Affordable Transferrable
  • Tangible skills learned through industry-driven curriculum
  • Interdisciplinary skillsets specific to business and industry standards and trends with an emphasis on employability

What type of strategies can your company implement?

Create Awareness
  • Host career exploration opportunities at your facility.  We can help co-host & coordinate these events.
  • Attend career-focused events.  Check out where we will be at for possible collaboration: Polytechnic Outreach.
  • Provide job shadowing, internships, externships and apprenticeships.  Visit our Career Services page to learn more.
Recruit Locally 
  • Identify and support desirable candidates through outreach opportunities in collaboration with BSC.
  • Develop a pathway to a rewarding career by identifying BSC programming that students can take to meet position requirements. 
  • Provide employee incentives through education reimbursement and scholarships
Empower Current Workforce
  • Encourage employees to expand their skills by earning credentials through our short-term stackable certificates.
  • Invest in your acquired talent to develop professionally into management and leadership positions.  This can help you to continue those promotional efforts among all employees.

How do I get my company started?

Let us help you develop a personalized plan for how BSC can support your business. Contact a representative from our team today!

Alicia Uhde 
Kevin Stankiewicz