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Mobile App Development certificate offered at BSC in response to industry needs | Bismarck State College

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Mobile App Development certificate offered at BSC in response to industry needs

Published: Feb 12 2021
A new Mobile Application Development certificate developed in response to industry and workforce needs is available at Bismarck State College starting in March.
Provided in an interactive, hands-on, online learning environment this certificate program addresses the needs brought forth by industry employers and leaders, according to BSC President Doug Jensen.
The US Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts the demand for mobile app developers will increase from 17% to 24% by the year 2026.
“This new certificate is a great example of BSC’s continued response to industry. As a polytechnic institution, BSC is unique in that students have the ability to customize their education with stackable industry credentials and certificates to match workforce needs,” said Jensen. “The hands-on learning in this program ensures graduates of this program are workforce ready.”
Designed for new and current students as well as industry professionals, this short, intensive certificate program, develops skills to take mobile applications from concept to launch through six-courses offered entirely online. A student in a cybersecurity, website design, or other technology program can easily add the Mobile Application Development certificate to their education plan and prepare for a specialized, high-demand technology career. A professional already working in the technology industry may only need a few credits to complete the certificate and expand their skillset – making them more valuable to their employer and more marketable in the industry.
The first BSC Mobile Application Development certificate courses will begin March 8. For more information or to register visit