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Summer 2018 | Bismarck State College

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Summer 2018

Editor's Note

ScreenShot20180709at3.47.14PM.pngI loved college. The independence the new perspectives and finding my people.Diving into subjects that fascinated me was exhilarating, as was the (mistaken) belief that I was the first to think the deep thoughts that accompanied those subjects. I launched my life in college. This is very much on my mind during Commencement season and as my oldest son moves into his senior year of high school. He’s transitioning into the next version of himself as he looks out to the horizon. He’s alight with the excitement of what comes next.

In this issue, you’ll see that kind of promise realized. Learn how the humanities make us more human, and what happens when the arts and technical skills collide. See the joy shining out from the photos of our 2018 graduates and read about the ways education helped, changed, and opened doors our alumni didn’t know existed before college showed them. And finally, we wrap the issue with the names of those who give to our Foundation, ensuring that all who desire college, have the means to afford it; and the names of students who benefit from that generosity.

Thanks for reading.