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Spring 2017 | Bismarck State College

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Spring 2017

PiehlMarnie5.jpgThe challenge and the strength of a community college is to serve the needs of the whole community - filling the workforce pipeline with technical graduates, offering an affordable start for transfer students, providing training to industry and holding classes for lifelong learners. Our mission is a rich one.

I was the most traditional of college students - earning a degree in four years, living on campus, highly involved in student activities, etc. Working at BSC has helped me understand that other routes to the prize are just as productive and sometimes more rewarding. Our stories this spring include one about students training for the nation's fastest growing jobs. You'll meet students and young alumni whose entrepreneurial spirits are nurtured by their inventiveness (and our fantastic faculty). You'll also discover unique industry investments and a Pulitzer Prize winner.

Alumna Pinky Gilchrist is quoted in our Legacy Family story saying, "it's pure gold up there" in reference to BSC. She's right, and we know that the value of BSC lies within the students we treasure.

Marnie Piehl, Editor