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Fall 2020 | Bismarck State College

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Fall 2020

Editor's Note


BSC is open.

We believe that offering our students a true college experience right now is the right thing to do. We’ve worked hard to make sure we have the safeguards on campus and technology in the classroom that will ensure our students can keep moving toward their academic and life goals.

But what does “open” mean as we continue to navigate COVID-19? Here’s our definition: In the midst of great uncertainty, BSC will provide the best possible in-person classroom and college experience this fall while maintaining a safe and healthy environment for students and our employees.

In practical terms “open” means our students can live and connect with their classmates in our residence halls. It means masks are required on campus, and classrooms now allow for in-person and remote learning at the same time. It means more takeout options in the Mystic Marketplace and livestreamed theater and music performances without audiences. It means our athletes will spend the fall conditioning in small groups until they can play as a team again in the spring. It means our faculty and our staff are laser focused on ensuring our students have the support and information to succeed in this uncertain time.

What else does “open” mean? In addition to a pandemic, our communities and country are grappling with systemic racism, economic hardships and a significant election in November. “Open” is also a state of mind. Right now, staying open to new ideas, hard conversations, learning opportunities and our own fears is as important as wearing masks, washing our hands and keeping our social circles small. I believe that challenging times make us better, kinder and stronger. Let us all stay open to the good things to come.

Stay safe, stay open and enjoy the read.

Marnie Piehl, Editor