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BSC receives $1.6M to expand manufacturing and healthcare career pathways | Bismarck State College

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BSC receives $1.6M to expand manufacturing and healthcare career pathways

Published: Sep 15 2022

The U.S. Department of Labor awarded Bismarck State College a $1.6 million grant to expand educational opportunities in manufacturing and healthcare career pathways. The grant is aimed at providing opportunities for under-represented individuals and enables BSC to focus on specific industry sectors and career pathways training for skill development, rapid re-skilling and employment in quality jobs. 

A recent study by the Bureau of Labor Statistics found that college graduates earn nearly twice as much as those with only a high school diploma. This grant will not only help students but also the North Dakota workforce grow.

“We continuously hear of the workforce challenges many industries are facing including the manufacturing and healthcare industries,” said BSC Polytechnic Program Outreach Director Alicia Uhde. “So by providing short-term training opportunities for certificates or two to four-year degrees in healthcare and manufacturing, we can provide employers the talent they need more quickly.”

“Today’s funding awards will connect people – particularly those from marginalized and underrepresented communities – with the education and training they need for good-paying jobs,” said Secretary of Labor Marty Walsh. “These grants are designed to empower community colleges to ensure their curriculum meets the needs of employers in their communities and equips workers with valuable skills.”

The money from the federal government is part of $45 million going to 13 colleges in 12 states through the Strengthening Community Colleges Training program. BSC was the only institution in the Upper Midwest to receive grant funding.