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BSC moves to COVID-19 high risk level with Burleigh/Morton; campus makes adjustments | Bismarck State College

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BSC moves to COVID-19 high risk level with Burleigh/Morton; campus makes adjustments

Published: Oct 16 2020
On Wednesday, Oct. 14, North Dakota Governor Doug Burgum moved Burleigh and Morton counties into the high risk level for COVID-19, or the color orange on the risk level chart of the North Dakota Smart Restart Plan. In response to the governor’s decision and to stay consistent, Bismarck State College has also moved the campus to the orange risk level.
While BSC is increasing the campus risk level to align with the state’s designation for Burleigh and Morton counties, the multilayered mitigation efforts in place at BSC have made it possible to keep the commitment to provide the best possible in-person classroom experience while maintaining a safe and healthy environment for students, employees and the public.

“The willingness of employees and students to abide by BSC’s requirements for face coverings, social distancing, testing and enhanced hand and surface hygiene has made all the difference in campus safety,” says BSC President Doug Jensen. “The BSC COVID-19 Dashboard tells us that quick action taken on campus, such as campus case management and quarantine, has allowed us to minimize spread to a large degree. I’m extremely proud of our students and employees.”

The governor’s changes relate primarily to public gatherings, large events and the allowable capacity. For the counties and BSC, this change goes into effect at 5 p.m. Friday, Oct. 16. BSC has modified campus risk level protocols on the BSC Risk Level Chart to better align with state’s changes. 
At the orange risk level, the operational changes at BSC include:
  • Limits on dining and facility capacity
    • Seating is limited to 25% capacity, not to exceed 50 people, in the Mystic Marketplace dining area, the Power Bean and the Well Bean.
    • Meeting rooms and auditoriums are limited to 25% capacity, not to exceed 50 people.
    • Due to protocols already in place, instructional space on campus is not affected.  
  • Reviewing and evaluating live, interactive instruction delivery across all disciplines
    • Students will receive communication from their instructor, department chair and/or dean if any changes to delivery need to be made.
To learn more about BSC’s approach to COVID-19 and how it relates to campus safety, visit