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Student Finance Drop/Withdrawal Appeal

Refunds of Tuition and Fees:  Tuition and fee refunds at Bismarck State College are calculated in compliance with the State Board of Higher Education and the North Dakota University System. Students are responsible for adhering to these policies and procedures, as well as, the Dates and Deadlines schedule posted each term by Bismarck State College. 
Appeal:  A Student Finance Drop/Withdraw Appeal form allows students to appeal their tuition and fees following a course drop or withdrawal to zero credits if one of the extenuating circumstances listed below occurred.  Please note, submittal of a Student Finance Appeal does not guarantee a partial or full refund.  All refunds are calculated in compliance with the North Dakota University System refund schedule, as noted above.  If you have received Financial Aid within the semester you are appealing your tuition and fees, keep in mind there may be adjustments made to your Financial Aid if the appeal would be approved.  If you have questions on how an appeal may impact your Financial Aid, please consult with the Financial Aid office.

Extenuating Circumstances and Required Documentation

  • Medical:
    • Student has a medical or health condition that is considered debilitating (i.e., hospitalization and/or catastrophic event) and of a duration that would render completion of the class, even with instructor accommodations, as unmanageable.
    • The diagnosis must have occurred within the semester the student is appealing, and the timing of this diagnosis prevented the student from withdrawing within the appropriate timeframe. 
Student must be able to provide the following required documentation with this appeal reason:
  • Professional letter (s) of support from student’s physician documenting the student’s situation. 
    • Letter must include dates of service and should address why the medical or health condition would have impacted the student’s ability to attend class (s) and/or meet their academic obligations.
    • Letter must be on letterhead, contain a signature block, and a personal signature. 

  • Military:
    • Student not on active military service at the beginning of the term who is called or ordered to active military service for fourteen consecutive days or longer during the term.
Student must be able to provide the following required documentation with this appeal reason:
  • Official Military Orders listing dates of activation 

  • Death in Immediate Family:
    • Student has a death in immediate family.  Immediate Family to include husband, wife, son, daughter, father, mother, stepparents, brother, sister, grandparents, grandchildren, stepchildren, foster children, brother-in-law, sister-in-law, daughter-in-law, mother-in-law, and father-in-law.
Student must be able to provide the following required documentation with this appeal reason:
  • Funeral Service Bulletin that can depict student relationship to deceased immediate family member.

  • Natural Disaster– Student lives in area where a Natural Disaster has occurred that would prevent student from being able to complete course (s). Student would need to explain how this hindered their ability to complete the course.
Student must be able to provide the following required documentation with this appeal reason:
  • Official dated newspaper article from area where student lives, documenting natural disaster.

  • Natural Disaster (Work Related)– Student was called to work in area where Natural Disaster occurred which prevented student from completing course (s). 
Student must be able to provide the following required documentation with this appeal reason:
  • Letter on official employer letterhead documenting dates employee was required to attend to Natural Disaster for work related purposes.

Reasons a Student Finance Appeal would be Denied:

  • Student is still enrolled in course (s) they are appealing. 
  • Student is enrolled in other courses within the semester, that have the same start and end date as the dropped course being appealed.
  • Student participated in course (s), during or after time frame of official dated documentation.
  • Student has received a letter grade in the course.  Please note, students would need to submit an Academic Records Appeal, if a letter grade (A-F, S/U) has been received.
  • If the appeal is not received within the allotted time frame of the semester in which the charges were accrued.
    • Appeals must be submitted no later than mid-term of the following consecutive semester.
  • Required documentation is not attached with Appeal or provided within 5 business days of the Appeal submission.
  • Lack of proper, descriptive, required documentation.
    • Note: Remember the burden of proof is on you. Please ensure your required documentation is clear.
  • Student enrolled in courses, but decided not to attend, and did not follow proper drop/withdrawal procedures as outlined on the BSC Withdraw/Drop site.
  • Failure to verify class schedule and/or schedule changes.
  • Failure to understand or follow syllabus.
  • Lack of knowledge of applicable dates and deadlines.
    • Student is asking for a refund of dropped classes that were not refundable at time of drop.
    • Student is asking for a refund prior to the last date of attendance.
  • Changes in job, work schedule or employment (*unless related to a natural disaster with enough documentation).
  • Personal errors in judgment regarding:
    • Availability of finances to pay associated charges
    • Class workload and academic ability
    • Time management
    • Availability of transportation to and from class
  • Change in Program
  • Dissatisfaction with course content or method of instruction. Please contact the Academic Dean or Department Chair for the course (s) if appealing for this reason.
  • Dissatisfaction with Student Advisor.  If wanting to appeal your tuition/fees or academic record for this reason, you will want to contact the Academic Dean who presides over the course.
  • Non-qualification, late application, or loss of eligibility of financial aid, scholarships, or third-party authorization.
  • Non-receipt of information/notices sent to student's email, Campus Connection communications, and/or USPS address.
  • Not benefiting from:
    • a fee (e.g. wishing to appeal the mandatory/student/class/course/program/distance fees)
    • course credits regarding degree requirements or changes in major
  • Student submitted previous appeal from current or previous enrollment.
  • Student account has been submitted to a collection agency.
  • Inadequate equipment required for class.
    • Personal computer does not meet technical requirements for class
    • Books not received on time from source outside of BSC Bookstore
    • Books not received from BSC Bookstore based on ordering late and/or transportation method chosen on order
  • Medical conditions or chronic illnesses known to the student at the time of enrollment (unless unforeseen symptoms or relapse occur; this will be determined on a case by case basis)
    • Students are not eligible to appeal multiple terms based on the same medical condition.

Instructions on Submitting the Student Finance Appeal:

  1. Review all the information listed on this page, to ensure you meet the criteria for submitting an appeal. 
  2. Click on the “Submit Student Finance Appeal” button listed below.
  3. You will be asked to log in to access, and submit, the appeal form.  Your log in credentials are the same as what you use to access your Campus Connection account.
  4. Ensure all sections of the form are completed, and the required documentation has been attached before clicking Submit.  You will not be able to submit the form without your attachments.  Remember, the burden of proof is on the student, so please make sure your documentation meets the requirements listed. 
  5. Students will receive a confirmation email in their campus email indicating the form has been successfully submitted. 
  6. Allow 7-10 business days for review.
  7. Decision letter will be emailed to student’s campus email upon completion of review of the appeal.
  8. Upon receipt of decision notification, student should log into their Campus Connection account to review their account for any changes.