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Utility Industry Awareness Certificate

Endorsed and awarded by the Energy Providers Coalition for Education (EPCE), utility industry awareness certificates are designed to help participants become familiar with the energy industry through convenient online course offerings. 

These certificate programs provide:
  • Participants with an entry level understanding of the knowledge and skill sets needed for careers in the electric power energy industry.
  • An opportunity for participants to link to electric power energy industry jobs by being prepared and knowledgeable of the career pathway steps.
  • Recognition from EPCE upon completion of courses*.

Currently two options are available to participants:

Industry Awareness Career Preparation
Geared for those with no previous exposure to a skilled trade; construction or industrial trades, and/or manufacturing; do not feel prepared to enroll in college courses; and want to receive an introduction to both the electric power industry and pre-employment tests. This certificate will be awarded upon completion of the following:

Orientation to the Electric Industry
Renewable Energy Sources & the Smart Grid
Industrial Aptitude Test Prep Course
  • Open registration (completion by June 30)
  • Typical completion time is 8-12 hours

* Participants are required to enroll in the courses offered from Bismarck State College. Upon completion of the courses, participants will need to send their records to EPCE.

Fundamentals of Energy

Geared for those with some previous exposure to a skilled trade; construction or industrial trades, and/or manufacturing; feel prepared to enroll in college-level courses; and plan to continue their energy career pathway and move into positions that require special training and/or college level education*.

ELPW 111 - Introduction to the Electrical Industry & Power Grid
MATH 137 - Applied Algebra
ELPW 105 - Electrical System Fundamentals

* Participants are required to enroll at Bismarck State College as college-credit seeking student. Required application steps 1-3, and 6 can be found here. Upon completion of courses, students will be required to send their records to EPCE.

Contact us for more information: BSC.Energy@bismarckstate.edu or 701.224.2519