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Access Animations & Simulations

The National Energy Center of Excellence (NECE) offers an online source of training aids and resources comprised of animations and simulations designed for training employees in the energy industry.  Trainers and supervisors will find these Interactive Learning Tools (ILTs) valuable resources to enhance their training program.

"These are some of the best single purpose simulations I've run across to date. The concepts are well represented graphically and the controls are quite intuitive.  I look forward to BSC offering more tools like these to add to my company's operator training offerings." Bryan Clark - Pepco Holdings


In addition, the NECE offers online simulators to give current and future operators the knowledge and familiarity necessary to safely and efficiently manage energy facilities.  The simulators allow students to perform complete startups and shutdowns as well as perform numerous operational activities while giving a realistic replication of normal and abnormal events.  

Licensing to these tools is available for purchase. 
Contact or call 701-224-5651 or 800-852-5685 for pricing.

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Online Simulators

Need more information? Contact: Emily Gullicks at 701-224-2519 or 800-852-5685