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Acting on What Matters
Time has never been more valuable -- or in greater demand. Meetings, texts, emails, phone calls, tweets, Facebook posts, and constant interruptions are overwhelming us. 'Acting on What Matters' introduces you to steps and practices you can take now to separate what's important from what distracts, to help you make your time count, and empower you to accomplish what matters most. MJ

Are You Procrastinating? Powerful Ways to Get Things Done
There are many reasons we procrastinate. Learn to identify the common pitfalls to getting things done and learn strategies to get going on everything you have been putting off. SC

Art of Public Speaking
The number one thing people fear more than death is public speaking. This workshop will take you out of the fear zone and into the front of your audience
. Attendees will learn speaking skills for professional situations as well as with media personnel. JA

Diversity and Inclusion: Creating an Inclusive Culture
The greatest companies of today are companies that embrace diversity and inclusion. It is the organization that creates teams that are not solely based on seniority but are focused on the strengths of the individual regardless of age, gender or ethnicity. In order to compete in this ever-changing economy, the businesses that will flourish in the future are those that make inclusion a cornerstone of their business. SJ

Down With Stress! Look and  Sound Wonderful - Even On the Worst Days
Most advice about reducing stress at work focuses on what to do over the long term - take up yoga, eat a healthy diet or get more sleep. But what do you do when you're overcome with stress in the moment? Learn how to regain control in any situation. SC

5 Easy and Powerful Excel Features
Excel is packed with features, formulas, and charts making it great for business analysis. Among the great secrets of Excel, there are several easy to use features which will add value to your work. We will take a look at these features, including Sparkline, Conditional Formatting, and a few simple formulas you may not have noticed. SC

Eliminate Negativity, Encourage Positivity
Have you ever been around a chronic complainer or someone who is constantly negative? In this session, employees will learn how to model and foster positivity in the workplace and explore how to confront energy vampires on their teams and use positivity to build a thriving culture. KD

Email Stress: 10 Steps for Managing the Mess
Is your Inbox overflowing? Are you wasting too much time on email? Discover strategies, tips and ideas for reducing email volume, improving email quality, and organizing your Inbox. SC

Fred Factor
Uncover the simple steps you can take to move your life from the ordinary into the extraordinary. Learn the Fred Factor principles that will release fresh energy, enthusiasm, and creativity in your career and life. KK

Get Ready -- Generation Z is Here!
The newest generation has entered the workforce, bringing with them unique life experiences and work preferences. Gain an overview on what to expect from this newest generation as well as tips for bridging the latest generation gap. SC

Joy-Up Your Work Culture
On average at the end of the day are you more drained or energized? Are you excited for or dreading what tomorrow will bring at work? In this session we will explore how you can take control and bring bliss back to your current workplace culture and job right now. KD

Living Your Priorities: Creating a Significant & Successful Life
Are you living the life you want? Are you living a life that matters? As Kevin Myers once said "dreaming about a great life is a lot easier than building one." In this session, we will discuss how to live our priorities and work to create a game plan to live a significant and successful life. KD

Make Meetings Effective Again
While necessary, too many meetings have become veritable torture chambers where motivation is stifled, productivity is hampered, and good ideas wither and often, die. The presentation provides proven techniques to simplify, refocus, and reenergize meetings. MJ

Making Differences Matter
Diversity is not just a legal or moral issue; it's an organizational effectiveness issue and yet we struggle to fully leverage diversity in our organizations, why is that? In this session you will learn ways to unleash the powerful benefits of a diverse workforce and create an inclusive workplace that helps everyone thrive. KD  

Making the Workplace Work for Multiple Generations
"The older generation has checked out." "The younger generation has no job loyalty." While some stereotypes about each generation have a ring of truth, the reality is far more complex than you may realize. Learn how challenging these stereotypes helps makes the workplace work. SC

Medical Marijuana
What does this mean for you as an employer? What does it mean for you as an employee? Join the discussion in which ND has been very curious about since passing the Compassionate Care Act in 2016. Learning the law of Medical Marijuana will help employers write their policies to either reflect the law or prohibit the law. KS

Mindfulness at Work
How mindfulness and meditation can improve focus, productivity, and wellness in the workplace. Learn how to integrate mindfulness into your workday to improve stress management and self-care to promote clear, constructive criticism, and workplace relationships. Side effects include feelings of inner peace and increased periods of happiness. DH

Reasonable Suspicion
Reasonable suspicion in the work place is important for preventative safety measures. This presentation will certify you in reasonable suspicion and help guide you in taking action if you suspect drug and alcohol use in your workplace. You will learn what to look for and how to handle a situation as it presents itself. This 2 hour presentation qualifies for certification approved by DOT and WSI. KS 

Robert's Rules Were Meant to be Broken
Robert's Rules of Order can create disorder if not used properly. This presentation will prepare your members for successful meeting and highlight the common uses and misuses of Mr. Robert's Rules. FD

Serving with Heart: Creating Raving Customers
Service is about how we make customers feel, it is the experience we deliver. In this session we will discover how to serve with our HEART in order to create connection and provide extraordinary service that leaves customers wowed and wanting more. KD

Strategic Planning Basics
Strategic planning is a necessity for businesses and organizations. Unfortunately, too many plans are developed but are soon forgotten. The planning process itself is intimidating to some and complex for many others. In this presentation we look at the steps organizations can take to develop a plan that truly meets your short-term and long-term goals and objectives. MJ

10 Grammar Mistakes
In business writing, there are some grammar mistakes that are more common than others. Familiarize yourself with 10 common blunders -- and learn to avoid them -- and their is one less thing to worry about when emailing the boss or writing an important letter. SC

The Heart of Change: Leading a Successful Transition
In today's fast paced world, change is inevitable. As a leader you are tasked with helping your team members adapt to the myriad of changes they face. In this session, we will explore the heart of change and the techniques you can use to help your team move forward one step at a time. KD

10 Tips for Safe Social Networking
Sites like Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter seem to be in direct conflict with an important Internet principle: Protect yourself from identity theft. Should we continue to use these virtual tools, or quit using social media altogether? No and no. We should take responsibility to protect ourselves. Learn 10 tips to help you practice safe social networking both personally and professionally. SC

Volunteers and the Three R's

Volunteers are what make an organization a success. They make organizations run smoothly, events successful, and keep many non-profits doors open. In this session, attendees will learn how to recruit, retain and recognize the life blood of their organization. JA

Word! To your Brother!
Learn how to work with the media to get your important company or fundraising information and news out to the general public. In this session, attendees will learn how to do press releases, public service announcements, how to speak with the media, and will learn of all the avenues they should take to get their message from their desk out into the community. JA


Downsizing Your Way to Happiness
Have you ever really thought about the philosophy less is more? This presentation will examine how attaching emotional needs to "stuff" can actually add more stress to our lives. KK

Drive to Fly
Sometimes roads can be smooth providing us the greatest paths in life and other times be bumpy and give us pot holes! The speaker parallels life to roads, cars, and obstacles and how one should aim only for the sky. JA

Eustress, Distress, and We All Stress
In this presentation, you will learn about what stress is, the impact stress can have on your physical and psychological health, and ways to manage stress more effectively. FL

Finding a Way
“If you really want something, you will find a way. If you really don’t want something, you will find an excuse.” In life we all have things that we want to happen, 
but we have a variety of excuses or reasons why in our minds they are not possible. This message in this quote is clear if you really want something, you WILL find a way. In this presentation, learn how to use what you have in your life to find a way to make what may seem not attainable happen. WS

Finding your Hell Yes!
Too often, we are people pleasers and we may not even be aware of how trying to please others with unimportant things takes us away from what is truly important. In this talk, we will examine how 
to find out our true hell yes rather than saying yes to things we do not want to appease others. We will examine how we find our hell yes and look at how we say no to things so that we can go forward with those things that truly matter. WS

How to Build Rapport - and Win Respect
Think of a time when you felt unable to connect with someone you were trying to talk to. What went wrong? Discover tips for building rapport quickly. Learn extra steps to take to gain others' respect and cultivate relationships. SC

I Don't Want to Grow Up!

There came a point in our life where we HAD to grow up and the inner child within us got lost and the stress of life came into play. This session will take you back to your inner child who will help you find the fun in life you were meant to live and look at work in a different perspective. JA

Laws of Life Change
Most of us are keenly aware of areas we'd like to improve or change about how we think or act, but some of those habits are deeply imbedded and seem impossible to shift. This message will unlock listeners' power to pursue personal growth by exposing and breaking the barriers that stand in the way. By mastering the Laws of Life Change, our capacity for growth increases exponentially. AM

Life Balance - Relieving Stress
This presentation will help motivate you to be the best you can be at home and work. We will calculate our own hours and how they are spent. We will also look at tools for time management and setting priorities in order to find a rewarding and balanced life. KK

Make the World Come Alive with Your Passion
What the world needs today is for people to come alive. How does someone come alive? Passion is what makes someone come alive. Your passions are what makes you wake up in the morning ready to take on the world because you have a chance with them to come alive. In this talk, you will learn to examine your true passions in life and how to use those passions to set your soul and the world on fire. WS

Mixing and Matching Multiple Generations in the Workplace
Today's workforce includes five generations. Each generation's life experiences have influenced their values and work preferences. This session offers an overview of the "5G" workplace and tips for finding common ground while honoring each generation's unique contributions. SC

Navigating the Landscape of Conflict
When you experience conflict do you set up roadblocks to being proactive? Learn powerful communication tools that can help you steer beyond conflict and navigate to better understanding and creative solutions. SC

Public Speaking Reimagined
There's no shortage of literature about public speaking, but experts often focus on a single strategy. But public speaking happens most effectively when we draw from our own unique strengths and passions in order to connect on a personal level with our listeners. This session will help you to identify your personal "voice" for public speaking and also share some concrete options for both crafting and delivering great messages. AM

Relationship Revolution
Family, work, and social relationships require attention and effort. Since we can't control how other operate, we must focus on our own personal health and relational habits, so that we can draw healthy boundaries and have something to offer those we relate to. This session will explore the dynamics of healthy relationships and the steps one can take to improve relationships that have faced conflict or disappointment. AM

Self-Care to Community Transformation: How to Change the World by Starting with Yourself
This presentation will prompt learning and interaction around the essential steps for pursuing personal growth and change in order to lay a foundation for community impact. Too often, our personal issues or limitations hinder our ability to make a difference, and by addressing these barriers we expand our philanthropic potential AM

Spare Change
Enjoy an amusing and applicable presentation about change. Move from fearing change to fostering it. Learn how to communicate the need for and the benefits of change, how to work through tough change, and how to create an environment that embraces and initiates change. FD

Tales from the Sidewalk ... a New Farm Wife
A funny yet passionate look at the role of a new farm wife. Participants will smile and nod in agreement as they relate to the trials and tribulation of having a love affair with the land. KK

The Art and Science of Communication
When we communicate we HOPE the words we say are heard the way we intended. Rather than just hoping, learn a three-step communication model that ensures what you say is the same as what your listener hears. SC

The Creativity within You
We all have an ounce of creativity in us. In this session - attendees will unearth innate creative abilities, find new ways to look at problems, get a fresh view on life, and will begin an innovative journey. JA

The Math of Conflict Resolution
Conflict develops in every organization, and how you handle it makes all the difference in the world. By training your team to recognize unhealthy "shapes" of conflict resolution and opt for an effective means of reconciliation, your workplace will be an exponentially more life-giving and effective environment, and your retention rates will increase dramatically. AM

The Power of Age
Our increasing life expectancy introduces medical and political challenges, but it also creates an incredible opportunity. This message will explore the insightful resources that we acquire with age, the means by which they can be passed on, and the benefits we experience by doing so. AM

360 Degrees of Servant Leadership
This form of leadership is effective because it can be cultivated at every level of the organization, from senior and middle management down to specialists and contract employees. This message explores the essential aspects of servant leadership, and the practical steps by which management can incorporate these principles into their mission, vision, and daily operations. AM

Where Does Time Go? Setting the Stage for Getting Time Back
Everyone wastes time occasionally, but is taking a coffee break a time waster? Learn the answer to this question and more. Discover ways to accomplish more by recognizing and reducing common time wasters in your day. SC

Vision-Driven Leadership
Is your organization driven by a vision or merely built around a routine for managing systems and people? This session will help you take an inventory of how "vision-driven" your team is, how to craft a new vision, or how to improve your existing one. Finally, we'll underscore the essential ways to weave your vision into everything you do. AM

What Do You Want to be When You Grow Up?
Learn how setting goals and following timelines can help bring you one step closer to your dreams. In this session attendees will learn to set goals, identify roadblocks, create timelines, and fill their tool belts to help them move one step closer to achieving their dreams. JA

What's Your Personal Productivity Style? Making Time Work for You
Time management is a personal process. Learn two approaches that can be adapted to your personal style and the environment you operate in. Reduce the flurry of activity that keeps you from reaching your goals and pinpoint activities that have meaning and purpose. SC

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