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360 Degree Campus Tours | Bismarck State College

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Bismarck PD has determined there is no ongoing safety risk for BSC. An all-clear has been given. All BSC offices and services will remain closed on Friday, July 1, 2022. Students and employees should check their campus email for more info. #BSCthreat
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360 Degree Campus Tours

Student Union 360 Tour

Mystic MarketplaceSnap Content

Jack Science Center 360 Tour

Jack Science Center - ExteriorSnap Content

LEA Hall 360 Tour

Library - ExteriorSnap Content

Aquatic & Wellness Center 360 Tour

Aquatics Center - ExteriorSnap Content

Schafer Hall 360 Tour

Schafer Hall - ExteriorSnap Content

Health Sciences 360 Tour

Welcome to the Bismarck State College Health Sciences Building!Snap Content

Technical Center 360 Tour

Technical Center - ExteriorSnap Content

Career Academy 360 Tour

Career Academy - ExteriorSnap Content

Armory 360 Tour - BSC Athletics

Welcome to BSC Athletics!Snap Content

Gate City Hall 360 Tour

Gate City HallSnap Content

Lidstrom Hall 360 Tour

Lidstrom HallSnap Content

Mystic Hall 360 Tour

Mystic HallSnap Content

Ritchie Hall 360 Tour

Ritchie HallSnap Content

Swensen Hall 360 Tour

Swensen HallSnap Content

Werner Hall 360 Tour

Werner HallSnap Content

Video Tour of BSC Campus