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Late Add / Reinstatement

This request is used for a late add which occurs after the established add deadline or for reinstatement of non-attendance or non-payment (See Dates and Deadlines). There is no guarantee that a late request will be approved.

Late Add/Reinstatement requests are valid for 3 business days based on the date of the instructor's signature. Late Add/Reinstatement will not be processed for any student who has a hold preventing course registration.

Keep in mind that joining a course late may have a significant impact on your ability to successfully complete the course.

Consider the following items before adding a late course to your schedule:
  • Missed assignments, online discussions, quizzes, or tests that may have occurred.
  • It will take additional time for you to order and receive your course materials.
  • If your course has group work, it may already have begun.
  • You are adding a course after the last date to drop that course for a 100% tuition refund.

Requesting a Late Add/Reinstatement:

This process must be completed in 3 business days based on the date of the instructor approval.
  1. Review the Dates and Deadlines. to determine the amount of course time missed.
  2. Check with the Financial Aid Office to ensure the course add will not affect financial aid eligibility.
    (If receiving financial aid)
  3. Correspond with the instructor of the course to determine if the Late Add/Reinstatement is appropriate for you.
  4. Check with Student Finance for an estimate on course costs associated with adding a course late, as you will be required to pay for the course prior to enrollment.
  5. Secure the Late Add/Reinstatement approval using one of the options:
Late Add/Reinstatement In-Person Form
Late Add/Reinstatement Form allows a student to request a Late Add/Reinstatement in person.
  1. Student must print and complete the Late Add/Reinstatement Form
  2. Secure instructor's signature for approval to add the course late.
  3. Provide form to Academic Records Office for Registrar approval.
    Note: Academic Records is located on the first floor of Schafer Hall.
  4. Provide form to the Student Finance Office for approval.
    Note: Tuition/Fees and $100.00 reinstatement fee will be collected at this time. Student Finance is located on the first floor of Schafer Hall.
  5. Submit form to the Academic Records Office for processing in CampusConnection.
Late Add/Reinstatement via Email
Late Add/Reinstatement via email allows a student to request a Late Add/Reinstatement via their BSC email. As each step is being processed and completed, you will be notified via BSC email so you can track the progress of your request. Please check your BSC email daily to ensure the process is completed within the designated time frame. (3 business days)
  1. The student must contact the instructor of the course via their BSC email to request a late add/ reinstatement. Student email must include the following:
    • Student Name
    • Student ID # (1234567)
    • Subject/Catalog Number (Ex. ENGL 110)
    • Class Number (Ex. 18653)
    • Credits (Ex. 3 credits)
    • Semester (Ex. Fall 2014)
    • One of the following reasons:
      • Past the last day to add
      • Non-Attendance Reinstatement
      • Non-Payment Reinstatement
    • Explanation for the late add/reinstatement
  2. If instructor approves, the email will be forwarded to the Academic Records Office ( The following steps must take place:
    • Approval from Registrar
    • Approval from Student Finance
      Note: Student must contact Student Finance to pay tuition/fees and $100.00 reinstatement fee at this time. 
  3. Registration confirmation will be sent to the student and instructor.