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Smarthinking Online Tutoring


Smarthinking is a virtual tutoring service that allows students to receive academic assistance at any time of day.
Over 90% of Smarthinking Tutors hold a master's degree or PhD, so students work with an expert in every session. Results from Smarthinking research shows that students who use Smarthinking can be up to 8 times more likely to successfully complete their courses than nonusers.

Accessing Smarthinking

  • Find the My BSC Student Resource Course in Blackboard
All students have access to this course while they’re a student at BSC. In Blackboard, click Courses > My BSC Student Resource Course
  • Click Smarthinking
The Smarthinking link is located in the resource course’s left-hand navigation menu.
  • Use Smarthinking
If you arrive at a Smarthinking Login page where it asks for a username and password, return to the My BSC Student Resource Course and click the Smarthinking link again.
See the video below for more directions:


Smarthinking Subject Coverage

Smarthinking offers tutoring services for over 150 subject areas. Please use the following link to access a complete list of areas in which students can receive assistance.

Smarthinking Assistance and Troubleshooting

For any issues related to Smarthinking, please contact the BSC Sykes Student Success Center at or 701-224-5671