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Credit for Industry Training

The student will need to research which BSC courses may be appropriate for their professional certificates, trainings, courses and work experience.  Begin by reviewing course descriptions in the current BSC catalog. It is recommended that you discuss with your academic advisor the appropriateness of using prior learning towards your degree plan.
ACE (American Council for Education):
  1. Research ACE credit recommendations for your prior experience-based learning using the National Guide.
  2. Determine which BSC courses are likely to correspond to the ACE recommendations for prior learning.Begin by reviewing the course descriptions in the BSC catalog.If you are unsure, discuss the ACE credit recommendation with the course instructor.
  3. If your prior learning would earn credit at BSC, register for the ACE Transcript System.  Follow the instructions on the ACE website to have your prior learning shown on your ACE transcript.
  4. Request an ACE transcript to be sent to Alternative Learning Office, Bismarck State College, P.O. Box 5587, Bismarck, ND 58506.
  5. Alternative Learning office will contact the student with appropriate paperwork after receiving the ACE transcript.
Experience-Based Prior Learning/Professional Certifications (if not ACE recommended):
  1. Research which BSC courses may be appropriate for your professional certifications, trainings, courses and work experience in the current BSC catalog.
  2. If you find a possible course that may be creditable for your experiential learning or professional certification, obtain proof of you experience/certification and any other documentation that describes the competencies you’ve learned.
  3. If the courses to be consider are in the energy programs the student must:
    1. Complete the BSC Credit for Industry Training Evaluation form.
    2. Contact the company training office and request training documentation from the employer to include the outline of training showing training objectives, date completed, and training hours, also assessment of training outcomes (exams, test out, etc.).
    3. Attach a copy of certification received
  4. Submit Prior Learning Application – Request for Credit for Industry Training
  5. Please allow 4 to 8 weeks for documentation review.
Student Policy – Credit for Industry Training