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Course Overload

Students are limited to 20 credits per Fall and Spring semesters, 15 credits in the summer. Those who find it necessary to exceed this credit limit must seek approval by completing the Course Overload Request form. Completed forms must be returned to the Academic Records office by the end of the second day of classes during the semester for which the overload is required.

Steps to request an additional course load
  1. Review BSC Prescribed Student Credit Load and Petition for Overload Policy
  2. Check CampusConnection to make sure you have no outstanding holds that would prevent registration.
  3. Secure a Course Override for the course(s) that exceeds the credit limit.
    1. If the overload request is approved, registration will only occur if the course(s) that exceeds the limit is open, or a course override is provided
    2. Students are encouraged to seek out the instructor of the course(s) that exceeds the limit and request an override. This can be completed via a Course Override form or BSC email.
  4. Complete the Course Overload Request form (NDUS Username & Password required)
    This form is not compatible with Chrome, please use an alternative browser!
    1. Attach the course override form or approval emails.
The Academic Records office will seek approval/denial from the Department Chair and notify the student on or before the deadline to add classes.