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BSC Innovations Foundation | Bismarck State College

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Bismarck PD has determined there is no ongoing safety risk for BSC. An all-clear has been given. All BSC offices and services will remain closed on Friday, July 1, 2022. Students and employees should check their campus email for more info. #BSCthreat
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BSC Innovations Foundation

Bismarck State College Innovations Foundation is focused on bringing industry education and training to foreign markets, contributing to a more productive, global citizenry.
About BSC Innovations Foundation
Established in 2018, the Bismarck State College Innovations Foundation supports and advances Bismarck State College through high quality training and education in foreign markets. 

BSC Innovations Foundation Board Members

Dave Goodin, CEO, MDU Resources
Dave Farnsworth, Manager of ND Power Generation and Engineering, Great River Energy
Paul Sukut, CEO, Basin Electric Power Cooperative
Kelvin Hullet, Market Manager for Economic Development and Government Programs, Bank of North Dakota
Larry C. Skogen, Former President, BSC
Dave Clark, Former Executive Vice President, BSC

Non-voting members  

Rebecca Collins, Executive Vice President, BSC
Sonya Koble, Chief Financial Officer, BSC
Dan Leingang, Vice President for Academic Affairs, BSC
Doug Jensen, President, BSC

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