BSC Beyond Card

beyondcard.jpgThe BSC Beyond card is debit MasterCard; NOT a credit card. When it arrives in the mail, don't throw it away! It holds your refunds when you drop a class, make an excess payment, or withdraw from school (prior to the refund deadlines). It’s also where your money goes when you return books originally purchased with financial aid or have excess financial aid money after your tuition and fees are paid.

Beyond Card Refund Options

Students have two refund options with their BSC Beyond Card:
  1. Visit and click Get Started!
  2. Enter the Personal Code you received in the green envelope with your BSC Beyond Card, then complete the requested information. The email address you use will serve as your login to the website. You may want to access the site later to view refund updates and history, change your preferences and etc.
  3. Make your deposit selection to OneAccount or to another account.
  4. Once your selection is made, you’ll be asked to complete your profile which includes creating your password for future access to the website.
  5. The final step will depend on the choice you make.
    1. If you choose the OneAccount, you’ll complete the online account opening process by providing your personal information, so that we may verify your identity, creating a Personal Identification Number (PIN), then reviewing and agreeing to the Account Terms and Conditions, and Fee Schedule. Once completed your card will be activated for use as a Debit Mastercard® and linked to your account.
    2. If you choose to deposit to another account, you’ll be asked to provide your account number and routing number for your receiving account at another institution.
For more information, visit BeyondCard FAQs and BeyondCard EasyHelp.